A trusted leader seeking one quality business to buy and operate in southeast Wisconsin.

Hello 👋

My name is Braden Schrock. I’m looking for a business to buy and run as I leave active duty service in the U.S. Navy.Grey Harbor LLC is simply my Wisconsin holding company that lets me quickly and easily buy a small business.


My intentions are to hold a business for the long term.If you own a business in southeast Wisconsin that has a strong reputation in your industry and community, with $500K - $2 million in annual profit, I’d like to talk to you.

My story

Growing up near Detroit, I graduated from the University of Michigan with an engineering degree and joined the U.S. Navy.In the Navy, I trained to become an explosive ordnance disposal officer and deployed to four continents. I led teams of sailors in bomb squad response missions in the Middle East and Africa, helped train Korean Navy SEALs in South Korea, and planned aircraft carrier port visits in Europe. After all that, I got my MBA at Northwestern University.For my last few assignments with the Navy, I was stationed in Washington, D.C. I managed teams developing artificial intelligence software for the military, and spent time overseeing portions of the U.S. nuclear stockpile - two jobs requiring intense trust.Now, we're living in Elm Grove, Wisconsin while I look for the right business to buy. I’m looking forward to getting my hands dirty.My wife, Bethany, is from Brookfield. We are so excited to be near family and contribute to the community.

Why me?

I want to buy and run a business in Wisconsin that allows me to give back to the local community.For business owners who want their business to remain a trusted local name, I am the right buyer. Under my leadership, your business will remain reliable, your employees will be valued, and the community will benefit from our economic contributions.My values:People first.Integrity.Excellence in everything.

Contact me

I am eager to get to know you!Feel free to email me at braden@greyharborllc.comOr, you can call me at (414) 533-5811 or text me at the same number here

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(414) 533-5811 | braden@greyharborllc.comMade with ♥ for Wisconsin

(414) 533-5811 | braden@greyharborllc.comMade with ♥ for Wisconsin

Grey Harbor is supported by an incredible set of interns:

Ezra Wood

Chief of Staff (Intern)
Wisconsin School of Business

Avelynn Shen

Associate (Intern)
Cornell University

Carson Moore

Associate (Intern)
Vanderbilt University

Elissa You

Associate (Intern)
Barnard College

Ram Mayo

Associate (Intern)
University of Pennsylvania

(414) 533-5811 | braden@greyharborllc.comMade with ♥ for Wisconsin